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Researchers claim link between tsunamis and outer space

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PM - Tuesday, 14 November , 2006
Reporter: Mark Colvin
MARK COLVIN: After the devastation of the Aceh tsunami nearly two years ago, Australians have a clear idea of what a tidal wave can do. But imagine a mega tsunami, a tidal wave 10 times bigger than the Aceh event. A group of scientists from the US, Australia, Russia, France and Ireland have been working on a theory that such mega tsunamis may happen, not every half a million years as astronomers had predicted, but every couple of millennia.They say they're caused by meteor or asteroid impacts, which they believe have been much more frequent in earth's history than had been believed.They call themselves Holocene Impact Research Group, and one of their members is Associate Professor Ted Bryant of Wollongong University.He told me one factor behind the theory had been a better way of detecting where asteroids had fallen at sea.

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