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Rain capture answer to water woe

Earth News: Africa

Nov 13, 2006
Rainwater harvesting could prove a cheap, easy solution to Africa's water woes, according to a UN report.
Scientists found enough rain falls in some countries to supply six or seven times the current need, and provide security against future droughts.
A pilot project in a Kenyan Maasai community has improved supplies and done away with the daily trek to collect river water.
Currently, 14 out of 53 nations are classified as "water stressed".
This number is forecast to double by 2025.
The UN Environment Programme (Unep) says that a cultural change is needed across the continent.
"The biggest problem is awareness," said Elizabeth Khaka of Unep.
"Many people think of rainwater harvesting as a 'poor person's technology'," she told the BBC News website, "and we have to change that."
Last week, the Kenyan government announced plans to make all new buildings include capacity for rainwater collection and storage.
Tell-tale plots
Using geographical information systems (GIS) technology, scientists from Unep and the World Agroforestry Centre mapped rainfall patterns across nine countries in southern and eastern Africa.
They compared these maps with plots of population density and land use.

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