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Lightning strike kills white buffalo

WHITE BUFFALO KILLED BY LIGHTNING - Lightning on Sunday night struck and killed two buffalo cows and three buffalo calves, including a white buffalo on a farm south of Janesville. The white calf's mother was walking around and grunting, so the owner followed her up the hill where he found the five dead buffalo with burn marks laying near a tree. He thinks it was one lightning strike that hit all five and the nearby tree. The farm became a destination for thousands of visitors after Miracle, a female white buffalo, was born there on Aug. 20, 1994. White buffalo are EXTREMELY RARE and are said to fulfill a Native American legend foretelling peace.

Miracle died in 2004 and is now stuffed in the gift shop. A male white buffalo was born on the farm Aug. 25 this year. "How many times in a lifetime does lighting strike?" the owner had said after the second birth. Earlier this year, lightning struck a couple of his Scottish Highlander cows, but it had never happened to any of his buffalo. He said they figured they'd better "call it in and get it on the news wire" so people wanting to visit the white buffalo wouldn't be surprised. "I suppose it's going to be a great loss to a lot of people. It's just coincidence, I guess, that lightning struck twice," he said. "He (Miracle's Second Chance) was born in a storm and died in a storm."

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