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If the woolly worms are right, get ready for a cold winter

Woolly worms have long been considered a predictor of winter weather. The black ends signify a harsh beginning and end of the season, while the brown middle points to mild weather. (Click for larger image)

By Melinda Hedgecoth / Special to the Crossville Chronicle
Cumberland Count, Tennessee
Nov 03, 2006

•Not many woolly worms were spotted, but those seen were black on the ends and brown in the middle, indicating a harsh beginning and end of winter with a mild spell in between.
•Hornets nests were built on the ground, indicating cold weather ahead.
•Heavy foliage and mast crops indicate a colder, harder winter.
•Five early morning fogs were counted in August, with only two of them heavy. This points to five snows for the winter, with two heavy snows.

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