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Floods, crocs ravage Kenya, Somalia

Earth News: Africa
Photo: Displaced Kenyans carry their belongings yesterday though flood waters of Tana river in Garissa, northern Kenya, near the Somali border

Published: Monday, 20 November, 2006
NAIROBI: The UN and aid groups yesterday launched a massive humanitarian operation in Kenya to assist more than 150,000 people hit by killer floods caused by unusually heavy seasonal rains. Neighbouring Somalia, which is on the brink of war, the country’s weak government under threat from a powerful Islamist movement, appealed for emergency international aid to help 1.5mn people affected by flooding.Residents of flood-hit areas of Somalia reported that nine people had been devoured by crocodiles unleashed by raging waters, bringing the death toll from three weeks of flooding to at least 52.In Kenya, authorities said the death toll had risen to at least 28 with the drowning of five more people in the east, badly hit along with the country’s northern and coastal areas.

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