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Nov 22, 2006

Skywatch has come along ways since it's inception into the cyber world in 2003. We began as a groups forum at MSN where we joined forces with Nancy Lieder of Zetatalk in an effort to inform the general public about an impending pole shift within the time frame (2012) predicted by the ancient Mayan elders. In June of 2005 we created The Great Red Comet blog which has grown tremendously and has become a great internet success. In February of this year (2006) we created a second blog, Earth Frenzy Radio as a spinoff of GRC. This blog contains a variety of earth related articles and is a member of the Disaster News Network. Earth Frenzy Radio is committed to providing alternative radio broadcasts to it's viewers. In the works is a plan to have a new internet web site developed that will provide a vast array of earth news and audio presentations to subscribed members.
Skywatch has recently joined forces with Webring, Inc. in an effort to expand its viewer membership. By joining the WebRing Community we can drive highly interested people to our websites and easily communicate with them.
Viewers who manage similar websites or forums and have an interest in linking websites with a network of sites across the internet, should seriously consider joining Skywatch in this important endeavor.
You are invited to join the Webring at our new site Earth Frenzy Network, or by linking to our affiliate site Here

If you wish to join at a later date, or if you know of others with similar websites who would like to join, they may do so on the Earth Frenzy Network banner link located at the bottom of the Great Red Comet website, or by clicking the globe image.

IN ADDITION you will find that Skywatch has created a very simple and easy to use Forum site on the Earth Frenzy Network that all viewers are encouraged to join. To join this Forum click Here
Skywatch is committed to bringing our viewers the latest and most complete Earth News, Audio and Video Presentations. We strive to keep you informed on matters that are important to the survival of both mankind and the planet we all inhabit.
If you should have any questions about Webring in general or about signing up to become a ring member you can contact us Here
Steven Shaman
©2006, Skywatch-Keep Looking to the Skies. All Rights Reserved

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