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California volcano showing signs of life

Volcanic News: California, USA
Holocene Clear Lake volcanic field
Nov 15, 2006
The city of Clearlake is home to an active volcano that may erupt violently within the next 10,000 years. Clearlake is a location that the United States Geology Survey recently named as a "high threat" location that should be monitored more closely. The next eruption in Clearlake, a city about 80 miles west of Sacramento, would probably be a violent explosion of magma, not a small lava flow. The volcano in Clearlake may be "actively recharging" for a future eruption for several reasons. The Earth's crust around the volcano is giving off an UNUSUAL amount of heat, and is emitting gases that are chemically similar to magma. Geologists have observed earthquakes below the Earth's surface in Clearlake, and they "have a fluid signature," which points to the existence of magma below the Earth's surface.

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