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WWF Warns Of Dire Impact From Global Over-Consumption

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Oct 24, 2006
The world's population will be using twice as many resources as the planet can produce within 50 years unless there is immediate change in the way humanity lives, the environmental group WWF said in a report released on Tuesday. "We are in serious ecological overshoot, consuming resources faster than the earth can replace them," said WWF Director General James Leape. "The consequences of this are predictable and dire.
"The cities, power plants and homes we build today will either lock society into damaging over-consumption beyond our lifetimes, or begin to propel this and future generations towards sustainable living," he added.
The "Living Planet" report, a balance sheet of the world's environment published every other year, showed relentless growth in demand on the earth's capacity to produce clean air, and to provide raw materials, food and energy.
Two years ago, the same report based on 2001 data said the world's population was already outstripping the earth's capacity to regenerate resources by just over 20 percent.
The 2006 edition of the WWF report said that figure had risen to 25 percent in 2003.

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